Providing Cutting-Edge

Patented technology in biodegradable hydraulic fluid to renowned elevator companies such as OTIS, THYSSENKRUPP, KONE, and SCHINDLER.

Proven Record of 20+ Years

Hydro Safe Oils have been continuously used in equipment since 1996.

Vegetable-Based Products

Hydro Safe uses vegetable-based oils made from renewable resources.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils

Ultimately (Readily) biodegradable and renewable products.

Years of Experience
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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils

Superior Replacement for Conventional Petroleum Oil

Hydro Safe hydraulic fluid is formulated to meet the growing demand for biodegradable hydraulic oils.

Our oils have been continuously employed in various equipment, standing the test of time and delivering outstanding performance.

Our Value

Environmentally Friendly & High-Performing

Ultimate Biodegradability with Superior Performance

Premium Bio-Based Solutions

At Hydro Safe, we revolutionize the industry with top-quality, environmentally friendly products.

Crafted with Expertise and Research

Our eengineers have formulated Hydro Safe after meticulous research, creating bio-based products that outshine traditional alternatives.

Hydraulic Oils in ISO VG-32, 46, and 68

By harnessing the power of vegetable oils like canola and soy, we achieve the perfect balance of lubricity, biodegradability, low toxicity, and oxidative stability.

Sustainability and Quality

Hydro Safe® Select Hydraulic Fluids are the perfect economical choice for hydraulic equipment operating in outdoor settings where unpredictable high moisture and dusty environments prevail.

Unparalleled Benefits

Vegetable oils provide stability in changing temperatures, resulting in improved equipment operation, reduced wear, increased energy efficiency, and more.

Advanced Formulation

Specifically designed for fleet, marine, and industrial hydraulic systems.

Zinc-Free Additive

Zinc-free additive system that not only meets but exceeds the requirements of high-pressure pumps.

Anti-Wear Performance

Our fluids meet the stringent requirements for Vickers 35VQ-25 and V-104C (ASTM D-2882) vane pump stand tests.

Protection Against Moisture & Rust

Our fluids are highly inhibited against moisture and rusting in both fresh and sea water.

Earn LEED Points with Hydro Safe

Partnering with The U.S. Green Building Council

Hydro Safe’s hydraulic oils qualify for LEED points under the Materials and Resources category, specifically in the Rapidly Renewable Materials section. By incorporating our biodegradable and non-toxic hydraulic oils into your project, you’re making a conscious choice towards sustainable materials and earning recognition for your environmentally responsible choices.