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Hydro Safe’s® readily biodegradable, non-toxic hydraulic oils qualify towards LEED points under Materials and Resources: Rapidly Renewable Materials.

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Hydro Safe® No-Ox-Id Liquid Elevator Casing Filler E-800

Flexible Hydraulic Jack Protection - “Pours Like Honey”

Casing Filler E-800 is available to provide excellent dielectric filler material between the casing and the cylinder. The following information describes the product as indicated.


Casing Filler E-800 can be easily poured or pumped at 70° F, and forms a thixotropic gel at 60° F or lower. This product meets FDA guidelines for incidental food contact waxes and oils. It contains no toxic or harmful materials, and has a C.O.C. flash point of 450° F or higher. Casing Filler E-800 is designed to absorb and/or displace water from metal surfaces and hold it within itself. It is therefore not necessary for the product to be heavier than water. Casing Filler E-800 has a resistivity over a thousand times as great as that of the competitive product. This insures complete and total electrical insulation up to 14 KVAC.


Casing Filler E-800 is a solventless thixotropic, petrolatum-based corrosion preventive formulated specifically for filling the annular areas between the external walls of the cylinder and the interior walls of the casing.


In an unagitated state below 60° F , Casing Filler E-800 has a soft, gel-like consistency, but upon agitation will become sufficiently fluid so that it will flow readily. This unique thixotropic property enables it to be poured or pumped into the pipeline casings without pre-heating, except in extreme cold weather. Within minutes after injection into the casing, the gel-like structure reforms and the casing filler sets up again.


Casing Filler E-800 also contains an extremely effective polar type corrosion inhibitor which has a greater tendency than water to be absorbed on steel surfaces. Thus, Casing Filler E-800 will preferentially wet both surfaces on the casing and cylinder, completely displacing all moisture and/or water in the process and absorbing it. This also prevents water from entering any filled spaces.


USES: Casing Filler E-800 is designed specifically to prevent corrosion of a steel cylinder inside a circular casing. It will also provide effective electrical isolation of cylinders from metallic casings that are a part of an underground system. Introduction of Casing Filler E-800 into annular space between the cylinder and casing prevents corrosion of the cylinder inside the casing when electrical isolation is required. This practice is described in "Minimum Federal Safety Standards for Gas Lines, Subpart 1 - Requirements for Corrosion Control, Section 192-467 External Corrosion Control: Electrical Isolation."



The thixotropic property of Casing Filler E-800 enables it to be readily poured from the drum at temperatures of 70° F or higher.


If heating is necessary, in extreme cold weather it may be applied directly to the drum or it may be done in a portable heating kettle or by using heater bands. Casing Filler E-800 will flow freely when heated to its pour point of 70° F; it can then be pumped or poured into the casing by gravity flow.

Drum Heater Bands: INDCO, toll free phone 800-942-4383 or visit their website at www.indco.com


  • Will displace and absorb accumulated water during injection into the casing and prevent it from entering filled casings
  • Will preferentially wet metal surfaces, subjected to water immersion
  • Prevents shorted casings
  • High dielectric strength -- electrically non-conductive
  • Easy to apply -- flows readily at 70° or above
  • Excellent volume stability after application sets up into a soft gel without appreciable change in volume
  • Chemically stable -- resists chemical interaction with potentially corrosive contaminants
  • Very low vapor pressure
  • High flash point



Pump: ALEMITE Medium Pressure Pump #7886-A-5. Call Alemite for dealer near you at 800-822-4579 or visit their website at www.alemite.com

Hose: The fluid hose should be wire reinforced 2" (L.D.)

Follower Plate: A very useful option is the Graco Model 207-279 Ram Unit with inductor plate. This accessory pushed heavy material into the pump and facilitates complete material removal from the drum. Call Graco at 800-328-0211 or visit their website at www.graco.com


Filling Procedure


Any water that has accumulated in the casing should be removed. E-800 casing filler can be either poured or pumped into the casing as required. If heating is required, E-800 can be heated in the drum by using Drum Heating Bands (2 minimum) and allowing the casing filler to warm.

Physical Properties







ASTM D-287

Specific Gravity

0.88 - 0.90


Weight per Gallon

7.35 - 7.50 lbs


Pour Point

70° F


Flash Point (COC)

450° F


Viscosity at 70° F

Viscosity at 150° F

80,000-110,000 SUS

130 - 145 SUS




NOTE: Above 130° F, Casing Filler E-800 viscosity is virtually identical to that of medium-heavy lubrication oil - SAE 30.


Penetration (Cone) at 77° F

328 - 367

ASTM D-937

Thermal Conductivity

0.12 BTU/hr/FT .2° F
FT. Thickness (approx.)
Excellent Insulating Ability


Specific Heat (Heat Cap)

0.51 BUT/lb/°F (approx.)



Non Conductive




Information needed for calculation:

A. Depth of hole (in feet)
B. Diameter of hole or casing (in inches)
C. Diameter of jack cylinder (in inches)








Product Calculation



A X 0.0408579 = D

B 2 - C 2 = E

E X D = Gallons

A = 26 feet
B = 12 inches
C = 8.625 inches

Then: 26 X 0.0408579 = 1.062

B 2 = 144
C 2 = 74
70 X 1.062 = 74 gallons

Shipping Point: F.O.B. Chicago, Illinois

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